Location Specifications

Location Specifications


  From filming thrillers to drama’s, to commercials, TV and comedic webisodes, the people at Bullet have done it all. The studio stands on a corner lot, with two double door entries, with 5 stand alone awnings that can easily change name for filming or events. The studio has two levels, the ground floor has a 16ft ceiling, it is 26ft wide & 51ft long with the lower floor with 9.5 ft ceilings, 31ft wide & 66ft long. In addition, the lower floor has doublewide stairs easy for moving film and equipment downstairs, a private recording studio along with an extra large sound proof ARD/recording Booth, a separate green room, a kitchen perfect for crafts services & events, along with a large bathroom complete with shower & bathtub which is large enough to film with crew.  The property ground floor offers 12ft store front windows flooded with natural light to give the atmosphere of a café, restaurant, store front or art gallery but can quickly be transformed with rolling walls to create a dark vibe mimicking that of a bar, night club, urgent care or anything else the imagination can create.  

Production Tailored


 The space itself is unique, commercially viable and allows for simultaneous shooting on both levels. Whether an art gallery, restaurant, office, hospital, green. white or black screen  we are capable of addressing each film's set needs. Bullet Entertainment has kept its standard the same whether filming their own films or aiding other producers or directors to get the look and feel they seek. For this reason, we offer around the clock filming to aid those who need to film at night in DTLA.     As both a film location and a production office space, 1100 S. Main, in the heart of DTLA, is tailored for both large and small productions. The space is surrounded by three parking lots, double wide alleyways and streets that accommodate large production equipment and vehicles.  After extensive filming in the downtown area, Bullet Entertainment sought an environment that would be film friendly in a sought after metropolitan city. 

Connective Locations


The space is also in close proximity to a host of other sought after filming locations such as the Biltmore,  The Edison, The Reserve and other restaurants and cafes that have a big city vibe without getting hit by your average shaker downers. DTLA has a strong respect and care for filmmakers.  While it may not always seem a viable place at first glance, with the right contacts filmmakers can meet their budgetary needs and artistic demands. With this said, Bullet Studios is also a sister location to the Hollywood nightclub formally known as the “Dragonfly”.  Wendy Benge founder of Bullet Entertainment and an owner of Dragonfly offers her connection to privately open this space as a shooting film studio and event space. This venue also has a vibrant array of film uses.