Traveling at the Speed of Sound


Bullet Entertainment


Bullet Entertainment is an American and New Zealand diversified multimedia, multiplatform entertainment company located in  Los Angeles, California and Wellington, New Zealand. Bullet Entertainment was founded by film producer and entertainment attorney Wendy Benge. 

Bullet Entertainment's long term goal toward film production is to aid and develop existing and new talent with a place to come together and work with top-industry professionals. 


Filmmaking Around the World

As part of a collective  effort Bullet Entertainment in collaboration with James Partridge  of Admit One and Film New Zealand are putting together new initiatives to aid and provide US, New Zealand and other foreign filmmakers invaluable insights as to film development, film production, along with facilitating   talented crew and post production facilities on location in Los Angeles, New Zealand and around the world. 


Anything is Possible

   Bullet Studios seeks to challenge the traditional work environment of a production studio and create a space where anything can be made possible. Anything onscreen, in sound, the arts, to a jazz speak easy; we create.